Taplicator Tape Application System
Taplicator Tape Application System Cost Saving Tape Application System Taplicator Tape Application System
      Placement Accuracy, No Precutting, Eliminates Costly Scrap

   In the past, automated application of pressure sensitive tapes in a manufacturing operation could be a hit and miss process. Reliable accuracy in tape placement was affected by a loss of contact with the tape during the placing process. In addition, tapes were ordered precut on the roll. The precut process caused an additional purchase cost and typically created a costly scrap border around the cut.
    Syst-A-Matic has successfully engineered and introduced an automated taping system aimed specifically at improving placement accuracy and cost savings. The Taplicator precisely feeds, cuts and places tape material onto a part, never losing contact with the placement equipment. The system's unique design streamlines the labeling process, eliminating the need for precutting and costly piles of scrap.
    The Taplicator can be easily integrated into your automated assembly line, or can serve as a stand alone workstation. It's compact footprint can be mounted vertically or horizontally and modified to fit your particular application. Hook and loop, wearstrip, felt, cork, metallic strips, plastic and paper can all be easily and accurately applied using the Taplicator System.   

    Start your cost savings today! Contact Syst-A-Matic for more information on the Taplicator Tape Application System. Click the photos below for enlarged images.

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Taplicator Tape Application System