Syst-A-Matic’s processes and controls ensure consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.


  • 1 14” Comparator with Mini Scope
  • 1 Rockwell Harness Tester
  • 1 Mitutoyo Height Master Gage with Digitals
  • 2 Mitutoyo Height Gages with Indicators
  • 3 Sunnen Bore Gages
  • 1 Optical Measuring Machine
  • 1 Sun ExSurface Texture Gage
  • Master Gage Block Set
  • 12 Gage Block Sets

Client Testimonials

Thanks for the heads up.  By the way, you all do outstanding work.
Power Equipment Industry

I quote and do business with Syst-A-Matic with good success.   They hit the dates and are very competitive.  No issue ever with quality, never have to call – where’s my parts.
Automotive Industry

Thank you for the update.  Your transparency is VERY MUCH appreciated.  Thank you again.
Power Equipment Industry

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